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In Partnership with JackFlash Photography

Regina's Fine Meats

Regina’s Fine Meats

CrackerJack believes in offering a holistic suite of services for its clients to help keep all forms of their communication speaking the same cohesive language, which in turn creates a more memorable and vivid brand experience. That’s why we thought it would be a good decision to add professional photography services to CrackerJack’s wide array of advertising and marketing services.

So whether you need some custom images to dial up your new or existing website, visual content for your social marketing efforts, or a few head shots your employees will actually be proud of, JackFlash Photography has a creative eye for every category of photography, with a flair for capturing more stylized and authentic moments.

Take this ad for Regina’s Fine Meats for example. The local butcher is as small business as it gets, with word of mouth being Regina’s only mode of promotion. But after developing a relationship with Regina over the years, CrackerJack not only offered up creative marketing solutions designed to help the boutique brand stand out from her local famers’ market competitors, but also offered up a very cost-effective way to bring it all together with custom photography using Regina herself to champion the brand visually. At the end of the day, with a very limited budget, CrackerJack Communications together with JackFlash Photography were able to give Regina full page spreads in the community newsletter, a striking point-of-purchase display that really stopped people in their tracks, and a few other digital assets that otherwise would’ve been out of reach for Regina, or any small business for that matter.

With that, we hope that this special partnership between communications and in-house photography will help make our client’s lives a little simpler and more creative, so that they can concentrate on what they know best. Their business.