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Jack Adamson of CrackerJack offers world-class creative solutions with less layers and more impact.

Based in beautiful Victoria, B.C., Jack offers his local and national clients everything from strategic, award-winning concept development, through to art direction and design, copywriting and now professional photography.

With over two decades of experience, Jack has learned from some of the most talented professionals in the industry while working at various multi-national marketing and advertising agencies around the world. Now he brings that same critical thinking to clients of all sizes who need to maximize their return on investment.


Do you have a creative challenge that needs a smart, nimble team to support your next marketing effort? Want BIG thinking without having to pay for all the overhead that comes with a traditional agency model? That’s not a problem for CrackerJack’s team of senior associates who have worked collaboratively and virtually across Canada since 2008. We’ve drawn on niche expertise in areas that include creative services and design, strategy, communications and media planning, interactive, social media and content marketing. It’s about reducing layers and handpicking talent for each individual project.

Our category expertise encompasses: hospitality, tourism, tech, retail, social cause, automotive, telecommunications, lotteries, financial, healthcare, entertainment, government, education, oil & gas, political, real estate, fitness, and agriculture.

Want your next project cracked on strategy, on time and on budget? We’d like to hear from you.