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CrackerJack Blog

CrackerJack is a Victoria BC based advertising and marketing agency alternative that delivers creative solutions with less layers and more impact. Here are some posts that have inspired us recently:

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #880

22nd July 2016 By CrackerJack

What does the smell of success smell like exactly? Well according to this amusing advert for Old Spice, you’ll smell it a lot sooner by wearing, you guessed it, Old Spice. So next time you have a job interview, be confident, and aim high as you bust your way to the top of the corporate world.  Creative – Wieden + Kennedy, Portland

We All Scream for Democracy

22nd July 2016 By CrackerJack

In the past, progressive ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has weighed in on social issues such as growth hormones in milk, marriage equality, and climate change. But given this year’s political climate of the US elections, Ben & Jerry’s decided to focus its latest campaign effort around “Democracy Is in Your Hands” with its clever new flavour, “Empower Mint”. It uses online videos to explain complex political topics in layman’s terms to help sway Americans to vote.

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Week #879

8th July 2016 By CrackerJack

At CrackerJack, we’ve always been big supporters of big ideas, truly believing that those ideas can come from anywhere, and at any stage of your careers. Case in point: When given 48hrs to crack a difficult brief that transforms the way the world looks at refugees, a French team of two twentysomethings not only came up with the big idea, but also executed it so beautifully. So much so that it became one of the most celebrated ads at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival.

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