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CrackerJack offers creative marketing solutions through strategic concepts, design and photography. CrackerJack is based in Victoria, BC but its customized teams can service clients nationally.

Here are some posts that have inspired us recently:

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #938

23rd February 2017 By CrackerJack

At CrackerJack, we believe in the paper ball theory when it comes to selling a message. Throw 5 paper balls at a member of your audience, they’re not likely to catch any. But if you throw just one paper ball, the chances increase that your message will get caught. That’s why we always aspire telling single-minded messages such as this one for Wendy’s. Creative – VML, NYC

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #937

21st February 2017 By CrackerJack

When you’re hungry, you don’t think straight. And when you don’t think straight, big mistakes can happen. That seems to be the new twist on the award winning, “You are not you when you are hungry” Snickers campaign. And to really mix things up, why not throw in a fake “Live” claim at the beginning of the spot and see where it takes you? Creative – BBDO, NYC

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #936

17th February 2017 By CrackerJack

As we’ve mentioned before, trying to market a vehicle with a unique selling proposition that’s actually unique to another vehicle in the same category can be a real challenge for a marketer. So when you have nothing new to say, it’s probably best to go down a story telling route. In this case, a story that sells dreams, and hopefully the vehicle that aligns with those dreams. Creative – RPA, LA.

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