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CrackerJack Blog

CrackerJack is a Victoria BC based advertising and marketing agency alternative that delivers creative solutions with less layers and more impact. Here are some posts that have inspired us recently:

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #873

27th May 2016 By CrackerJack

Every once in a while, life can throw you a curveball or two. Sometimes, life can throw you a whole bunch of curveballs, all at once. That’s why it’s always good to have a plan B, or C, or D, or…etc, as seen in this commercial. Creative – Bros and Sisters, UK

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Domino’s Delivers Innovation

27th May 2016 By CrackerJack

Not long ago, Domino’s was in a real slump. For the longest time, they refused to diversify their menu like their competition had, and they hadn’t changed their recipe in over 50 years. But after taking a good, hard look at itself, Dominos set out to be an innovator in its category, and then the dough started rolling in.

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #872

20th May 2016 By CrackerJack

Want your brand to make some noise in a category with a very bitter audience? Well here’s an ahhhhhh-some way to do just that, in a fun and memorable stunt that promotes a bitter beer to a very bitter crowd. Creative – Lg2, Quebec

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