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CrackerJack Blog

CrackerJack is a Calgary based advertising and marketing agency alternative that delivers creative solutions with less layers and more impact. Here are some posts that have inspired us recently:

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #800

26th August 2015 By CrackerJack

No one knows when, or to whom heart disease will strike next. It happens fast, with no warning for its victims and their families, which makes for a truly heartless disease. And that’s the very insight that has made this ad so effective and memorable. Creative – DLKWLowe.

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Think you understand Millennials?

26th August 2015 By CrackerJack

Just when marketers think they have a firm grip on understanding the millennial generation, research shows that they’ve got most of it wrong. That’s what new research from Carat suggests based on their studies of more than 14,ooo people aged 15 to 34. And what’s somewhat surprising is the finding that the millennial generation doesn’t quite fit the stereotype of “hyper-connected optimistic digital extroverts”. In fact, that stereotype only holds true for less than half the demographic. That said, what other generalizations have mislead today’s marketers?

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #799

24th August 2015 By CrackerJack

Conference calls can be stressful. Video calls, even more so, especially if you have a nasty stain the size of Texas on your shirt, because you only had two minutes to stuff your face in between all your other meetings that day. Now’s the time to take matters in your own hands, as seen in this clever print campaign for the Tide To Go stick. Creative: Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina

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