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CrackerJack Blog

CrackerJack is a Calgary based advertising and marketing agency alternative that delivers creative solutions with less layers and more impact. Here are some posts that have inspired us recently:

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day (#780)

29th June 2015 By CrackerJack

Trying to pin point your friend at a large stadium venue, for example, can be pretty difficult with long strings of GPS numbers to try to follow.  While on the other hand, many areas in the 3rd world have no named roads or addresses to begin with, so finding someone can be virtually impossible.  But now with this revolutionary app, every part of the world now has a simple 3 word address, and that’s promising to make a world of difference.

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Storytelling is dying.

29th June 2015 By CrackerJack

Back in the day, it was perfectly acceptable to discuss your brand story with your audience. It showed them who your brand really is, what it’s made of, what it stands for…etc. But in a consumer driven world, your companies humble beginnings are no longer the right place to for a first point of contact with your audience. This blogpost shares how the tables have turned and how today’s audience wants your brand to tell their story instead.

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day (#779)

26th June 2015 By CrackerJack

Iron deficiency is a real problem for many women in third world countries. Supplies, education, plus cultural barriers are often real barriers to overcoming this dilemma.  But with the ingenuity behind a humble fish-shaped pieces of iron has really helped to improve health and save lives in a very creative and practical manner. Creative – Ogilvy, UAE

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