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CrackerJack Blog

CrackerJack is a Calgary based advertising and marketing agency alternative that delivers creative solutions with less layers and more impact. Here are some posts that have inspired us recently:

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CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #790

29th July 2015 By CrackerJack

Sometimes, agencies are presented with an opportunity to do good in this world. But in this instance, the ad agency, the advertiser, and the advertising medium became part of the solution when it came to improving the lives of those that live on the streets of Pakistan. With that, we give the creators a huge round of applause for this extraordinary effort. Creative: BBDO Pakistan.

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Pan Am Game a TV and Social Hit

29th July 2015 By CrackerJack
According to IPG Mediabrands, more than 60% of our nation watched a least part of the Pan Am games, disproving the perception that Canadians have no interest in the games. The opening and closing ceremonies were the biggest draws on TV, while an estimated 345,000 tweets went out, with a large amount of those being live-tweets from the event. Marketers also took advantage of the opportunity to promote branded content that tied in with the games.

CrackerJack Surprise of the Day #789

24th July 2015 By CrackerJack

Do you have a weak stomach for things…such as outdated furniture perhaps? Well that’s the simple, yet hilarious insight behind this ridiculous ad, which also happened to pick up an award at this year’s Cannes Lion festival in France. We say good on the creative team, and their brave client. Creative – Translation, USA.

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